Literature Festival in Pordenone (Italy)
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#1: Literature Festival in Pordenone (Italy) Autor: italianeowyn MensajePublicado: Vie Jul 02, 2010 9:00 am
Ciao / Hola! Very Happy

I do apologize for posting in English. I would love it if you could translate this message into spanish. Thanks! Smile

“PordenoneLegge”, one of the most important literature festivals in Italy, will take place again this year in Pordenone and a group of local BookCrossers will be running a small stand where we explain BookCrossing to visitors and where books can be released. Last year, with the help of Italian BookCrossers and local libraries, we released more than 1400 books, all in the Italian language.
Considering that PordenoneLegge is an international event (in 2009 the festival hosted Elizabeth Strout, Jostein Gaarder, Abraham Yehoshua, David Lodge, Torben Guldberg and Carole Martinez), this year we would like to release books in other languages too...Can you help us?

You'd only have to:
1) register a book:
2) release it "in the wild" with a scheduled Release Note -> Italy -> Friuli Venezia Giulia -> Pordenone -> PordenoneLegge on 18th September, 2010
3) contact Italianeowyn ( or Ghippa ( for the address where send the book
4) send the book
We will collect all your books, bring them to our stand and release them! Very Happy

Let your books travel in Italy, too! Feel free to contact us by PM in case you want further info. Here is the link to the PordenoneLegge official page:

Mr. Green

Bookcrossing-Spain -> El Principal

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